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For a long time, SOM has made and followed the plan for international collaboration to be actively engaged in the international collaborative mode of establishing highly qualified teaching and research team and training top-grade academic talents. Aiming at this, SOM has developed close collabrative relationship with multiple universities in America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Russia, Korea and Australia, including MIT, George Mason University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Florida, Purdue University, Technische University of Delft, and Higher Technical Institute in Lisbon.

Because the EMBA programme employs a large number of part-time professors, the programme’s course construction teams comprise full-time SoM faculty and part-time professors from overseas. The SoM has also developed a number of courses in collaboration with top-tier international universities. For instance, Professor Yan Xiangbin collaborated with Professor David E. Pingry of the University of Arizona on Information Systems Strategy; Professor Feng Yuqiang worked with Professor Hu Qing from Iowa State University (USA) on Management Information Systems; and Professor Tian Yezhuang and Professor Wang Wenbin (of Salford University in the UK) co-constructed Data Investigation Statistics Analysis.