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Introduction to the MBA Program

The School of Management was among the early-authorized universities to provide MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs. Since 1991, the HIT School of Management has begun to enroll students for MBA program, and more than 2000 students had obtained a Master Degree, who became the junior or senior managers in business company, financial sector and economic management sector in government. The School has excellent educational facilities and learning environment to achieve its effectiveness. The school has built a modernized building of MBA center, set up 16 modernized multimedia classrooms and 10 cases discussion rooms.

At present, MBA center subpides the MBA education into the direction of management information system (including information resource management, business process innovation, decision-making support system), the direction of accounting and financial management, the direction of business management (including marketing), the direction of technical economy and management (including technical development management, project evaluation and investment analysis, etc), the direction of finance (including securities, banking, insurance, international finance, etc). All together, there are 9 directions to meet the needs of personalized inpidual training. After 20 years of efforts, HIT has accumulated the rich experiences in the education curriculum, teaching material construction, the teaching management aspects, it has formed the capacity to train MBA and EMBA.

The Faculty of MBA

The deep teaching inside information and professional resources have settled solid foundation for MBA education. Currently, the school employs nearly one hundred academic staffs, 45 professors and 79 associate professors. Moreover, it has established the stable cooperation relations with the famous universities in Europe, American and Asian, and hired more than 50 scholars and renowned entrepreneurs from overseas as part-time professors. At the same time, the school has guaranteed the high quality teaching standards through the examination and approval of MBA lecturers, monitoring classroom supervision, the student evaluation and eliminating the lowest grand lecturers.