Construct Global Vision

Create Management Knowledge

Cultivate Pillars of Society

Contribute to National Development

HIT was among the 24 pilot universities in China to provide MPA program. The mode of the program is part-time and credit system, and the duration ranges from 2.5 to 4 years. MPA program attracts the first-class teaching recourses from School and outside, at home and abroad. Teachers are qualified in both academic and professional fields. Besides, some senior administrative officers and renowned scholars are invited to be part-time professors to regularly give lessons or lectures, aiming at improving students’ ability to deal with practical affairs. One point worthy of mentioning is Sun Yunxuan Academic Fund in Taiwan set up the special professors’ lectures fund for MPA program at HIT.

Inheriting the motto of HIT and the teaching philosophy of learning without limitation, MPA program achieved great accomplishments one after another. Up to now, the total number of students since the start of recruitment is 732, and 438 passed the thesis denfense and acquire the master degree.

With the time passing, MPA program at HIT will continue to serve for the development of economy and society and be ready to achieve more accomplishments.