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AACSB's Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Ms. Annie Lo Visited School of Management
AACSB's Senior Vice President and Chief Officer, Asia Pacific, Ms. Annie Lo, as well as its Member Services and Seminars Coordinator, Mr. Tan Chee Peng paid a visit to School of Management at 9:00, May12. Dean Qiang Ye received the guests in Room 216 of Management Building. The attendees also included Dr. Li Zhang, Vice Dean, Dr. Dan Wang, Director of International Accreditation Office, Dr. Pengyu Lu, Director of Management Science and Engineering Department, Dr. Meng Li, Deputy Director of Professional Master Education Center, Dr. Nannan Yu, AACSB Project Director of International Accreditation Office, Dr. Fangfang Sun, Director of Personnel and Faculty Office.
Dean Ye extended warm welcome to the guests and introduced the present progress and strategy of the School's AACSB Accreditation work. He pointed out that the school's core purpose was to achieve self-improvement in teaching, management, and services, etc. through the accreditation progress. Ms. Annie Lo introduced the global network of AACSB, its member composition, and development strategy in Asia Pacific. She also illustrated AACSB's core mission of helping business schools to improve and build global network for members.
Besides, the attendees discussed the issues concerning ISER report composition, usage of exchange platform, selection of peer schools, etc. Ms. Annie Lo offered valuable suggestions at large.
Ms. Annie Lo's visit increased our school's official contact and communication with AACSB and further verified our strategy of achieving the school's improvement and serving the school's development through AACSB Accreditation. This visit is of great significance to the school's winning of AACSB Accreditation in the future.

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