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Alumni’s Happy Returning to HIT after Graduating for 10 Years

    Yesterday, the students studied together for several years with great ambition; today, alumni got together people with deep affection. On 29th May, over 30 alumni of the year 2007, School of Management, reunited in Harbin to recall the past with teachers and old friends and to renew old friendship. At 8:30 a.m., welcoming party where alumni and the dean talking face to face was held in the conference room 216, School of Management. Dean Ye Qiang, secretary of the party committee Meng Yan, assistant dean Cao Wentao, party branch secretary and deputy director of Department of Accounting Tao Ping and other teachers attended this reception.

    First, Meng Yan delivered the welcome speech to extend warm welcome to alumni who returned to HIT, and she expressed sincere thanks to them for their long-term concern and support for HIT. The school would always looking forward to the good news from all sides and wish each alumnus a happy and successful life.

    Later, the representative of the alumni, 12th NPC member of Huizhou City, Feng Xiaoliang, shared his achievements in his position and expressed his gratitude to HIT. Also, he appealed all the alumni to be HITers who constantly strive for self-improvement and refuse mediocracy. When looking ahead, alumni hoped that they could do something for their alma mater, so all the 2007 alumni decided to establish the 03 Torch Fund of Books to set up the "Corner of 03 Torch of Books on Economics and Management. They also promised that they would share the information and resources of recruitment and internship related to their jobs so that more opportunities would be provided for HIT, and more talents from HIT could serve the society.

    Next, the donation ceremony of 03 Torch Fund of Books was held. Dean Ye Qiang accepted the donation on behalf of HIT. Now this fund has completed all the procedures according to HIT’s requirements of donation.

    In the end, dean Ye Qiang briefly introduced the development of the school in recent years from the perspectives of discipline development, faculty, scientific research, professional training, facilities upgrading, etc. He spoke highly of the alumni’s developments and achievements in their positions after graduating. In addition, he mentioned that every bit of the school was in the students, and it would be the root of everyone forever. HIT would be the eternal spiritual home for everyone. He hoped that the alumni could contribute to the development of HIT and the School, and wished them greater achievements in their fields.

    The atmosphere of the reception was warm and all people who attended the reception took photos of commemoration.

    After the reception, the alumni got together with students from the same major to share their experiences and talk about their future plans. The alumni answered each question patiently and carefully and provided valuable suggestions by sharing their personal experiences so as to inspire them to make better plans for their future and encourage them to live an outstanding life.

    Besides, the alumni visited the first and second campuses, the HIT museum, their classrooms and dormitories they studied and lived in the past. “How much I want to accompany you for a few more years” have expressed the alumni’s affection for HIT. “Come back home often” illustrates HIT’s concern for the alumni afar.

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