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Notice for job talk of Dr. Li-Kuo Sung from Vanderbilt University

      Dr. Li-Kuo Sung is Doctoral student of Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. He will be interviewed in our school as a faculty member in major of Human Resource Management and will be giving a job talk in Room 309, Building 2H  at 9:30-10:00 on November 10. The title of his job talk will be The Effects of Pay Differential on Social Undermining and Work Efforts via Envy. All the teachers and students interested in it are invited to attend it.


      Invoking the self-evaluation maintenance model (Tesser, 1988), I argue that a pay differential leads to both social undermining and work efforts behaviors through envy.  In addition, I further propose that an employee’s internal pay standing and his or her self-esteem moderate the effects of pay differential on employee social undermining and work efforts.  Using Taiwanese employee data of 614 dyads nested within 186 members of 46 teams collected with the round-robin survey method, I analyzed the data with social relations model (SRM), which was used in dyadic data analyses studies, and found that a pay differential was positively associated with social undermining behaviors and envy partially mediated the pay differential effect on social undermining behaviors.  Moreover, pay differential effects on envy was stronger when the focal employee’s internal pay standing was low, and the envy effects on social undermining was stronger when the employee self-esteem was low.

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