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Notice for job talk of Dr. Ping-Ju Wu from Australian National University

      Dr. Ping-Ju Wu is the research fellow in the Research School of Management, Australian National University. She will be interviewed in our school as a faculty member in major of strategy management and will be giving a job talk in Room 309, Building 2H  at 9:30-10:00 on November 18. The title of her job talk will be Successful IT Outsourcing Governance: From Strategic Alignment and Cross Cultural Perspectives. All the teachers and students interested in it are invited to attend it.


      Since outsourcing became widespread in the 1980s, the use of IT outsourcing has grown dramatically.  Despite the widespread use of IS outsourcing by organizations, however, accomplished benefits are often lower than expected.  Seeking to examine the how of the governance-to-performance phenomenon, and to identify the critical mechanisms through which IT leaders synthesize their IT resources for successful IT outsourcing, we conduct a cross-border field study to advance our understanding of the governance, strategic alignment, and the IT outsourcing phenomenon in different cultural contexts.  While previous studies have mainly examined the relationship between contractual governance and relational governance, we instead formulate an innovative nomology in which strategic alignment mediates the linkage between outsourcing governance and IT outsourcing success.  By examining empirical data collected from the United States, China and Australia, we expect to uncover the role that strategic alignment play in contributing to successful IT outsourcing governance, as well as the contextual effects of different cultural backgrounds.

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